Marriage Preparation

Through discussions and activities, these sessions aim to help couples understand their relationship better and be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for their walk together.

Course Structure

Preliminary Interview
Before the sessions begin, the couple and the counsellor will meet for a 1-hour Preliminary Interview to discuss expectations for the sessions and to mutually get to know each other.
PREPARE Assessment
After the Preliminary Interview, the couple will take an online assessment called PREPARE. This is an evidence-based assessment that provides the couple with quantifiable data that would help the couple understand their relationship better.
Couple Sessions
The results of the PREPARE Survey will be discussed between the couple and the counsellor during the sessions.
The sessions are by appointment only. The duration for each session is mutually agreed upon with each session typically 1 hour or 2 hours long.

Course Price

from $500 SGD
  • 1-hour Preliminary Interview
  • Online PREPARE Assessment
  • PREPARE Couple Report
  • 5 hours of sessions

    (1 hour or 2 hours per session)

  • Paperless Certificate of Completion
  • $100 SGD per additional 1-hour session
All payments are non-refundable and must be made prior to the sessions.
Prices quoted are for online sessions.
Prices for face-to-face sessions are $750 SGD for the package and $150 SGD per additional 1-hour sessions.





By disclosing information on and submitting this form, it is deemed that both parties registering for the course have given consent to Cherng’s Listening Ear for the collecting and using of the personal data for the purpose of Marriage Preparation activities. Cherng’s Listening Ear respects personal data and confidentiality, and will not share such information with any persons.

What people say about us?

The Marriage Preparation Course conducted by Ming Cherng is a must for all couples who are serious about spending the rest of their lives together. Not only was it informative, fun and interesting, Ming Cherng’s “bowl” theory helped us understand ourselves a lot more: the why, the how and the what. It is also very helpful that, as a counsellor, Ming Cherng has many real-life examples he shares which definitely made the theories even clearer for us. All clearly broken down visually in diagrams that made all us go, “Oh… that’s why I do this or say that”. With greater self-awareness, we are able to be more sensitive towards our partner’s needs. Thanks to the course, I now look at my partner in a totally different light. She is now not just the woman I’m marrying, but a partner God handpicked for me to help me make my way back to Him! How amazing is that!
Raymond Seow

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